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My abuser might come watch my play tonight.

But you know, I’ve never explicitly called her that before. I always made excuses for why that word might be too harsh or too dramatic or too unfair. But for my sake, and the sake of all the other survivors who might be too afraid or ashamed or unsure to use that word, I have to stop making excuses.

Non-physical abuse is still abuse.

Abuse at the hands of someone you love (even if they have done loving things for you in the past) is still abuse.

Abuse at the hands of someone suffering from a mental illness (ESPECIALLY if they use that illness as a justification for their behavior) is still abuse.

My abuser might come watch my play tonight, and it makes me so anxious I don’t want to perform. The thought of her being in the same room as me makes me want to not do the one thing that consistently makes me feel fulfilled and worthwhile and alive.

And if that isn’t enough proof that she abused me, I don’t know what is.



One of the high school kids I tutor asked me to look over his LD cases today, and I flashed back so hard ugh. It really weirds me out how physically engrained the debate mindset becomes. /:


It was at the end of out session, and we had already finished all of his geometry, so. Luckily we were low on time, so all I was really able to do was comment on his word economy and side-eye his values (why are high schoolers so obsessed with utilitarianism??) before I had to go. Which is good because I was about to jump out of my skin and debate him right there. -___-;

Just caught the tail end of a PSA for PBA, and one of the ~comforting~ facts they listed about it so that people would be more open to seeking treatment for it was that it’s neurological, definitely a not a psychological disorder like (gasp) depression.

And just, like. Ugh. The fact that mental health stigmatization is so strong in this country that people won’t seek medical attention for very serious symptoms without the reassuring incentive of “it’s okay, you’re not crazy or anything” is just really really sad.







A reminder to all who haven’t heard: THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS WILL RIDE AGAIN…FUELED BY NETFLIX…IN 2016.

You read that right. Through Netflix’s acquisition of Scholastic, a 26-episode series will kick off in 2016, called The Magic School Bus 360°.

From the announcement via Mashable:

Netflix and Scholastic Media announced in a press statement that the new series will use CGI animation to feature a “modernized Ms. Frizzle" and an "inventive high-tech bus — so it looks like the companies are not afraid to take chances and make mistakes (and probably get messy in the process). The very 21st-century show will also focus on modern tech innovations, including robotics and wearables.

The all-new episodes also leverage advancements in animation, science and technology in a way that will delight a new generation of young viewers, and like its predecessor, will help kids around the world discover the magic and value of exploration and innovation, a press statement reads.


Listen to the original Magic School Bus theme music

The Magic School Bus is the longest-running kids’ science series in history, first airing on PBS in 1994 and continuing in syndication for 18 consecutive years. It has even earned an Emmy Award. (Undoubtedly for Liz the Lizard’s acting.)

Magic School Bus, the old version, is remarkably popular on Netflix, Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer told The New York Times. It teaches science in a way that transcends generations.

Scholastic Media has not yet announced if the original Ms. Frizzle, Lily Tomlin, will return to voice the character.

And from a similar announcement via CNN:

To do an animated show that has actually encouraged young people to pursue careers in the sciences or teaching makes us very, very happy.

— Forte, President, Scholastic Media

2016. The Magic School Bus. The original ship of the imagination.


*runs through screaming*




*frantically waves hands in air while running around screaming*


Let’s be real, EVERYONE wants a piece of Amber, don’t matter who it is!








I’m gonna depress the hell out of all of you. ready? ok go

so, that “stop devaluing feminized work post”

nice idea and all

but the thing is, as soon as a decent…